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Charter flights for corporate events, retreats and incentive programs, Bahamas, Key West, Miami

Corporate Events

Corporate Events, Retreats and Incentive Programs

Simplify travel to corporate events by chartering a flight with JetsetPrivate Air. With seamless East Coast connections, travel to and from your venue is simple. Retreats are a breeze when collaboration starts as soon as you takeoff. Up the reward for your best performing employees by chartering a flight for a corporate incentive program.  It's quick, efficient, cost-effective and enhances your team's entire experience. Set the stage for a ultra successful event.

A JetsetPrivate Air charter flight is one of the most efficient ways for small groups (up to 27 people) to travel to a corporate event in the Bahamas, Florida and the Keys. 

  • Seamless East Coast Connections transfer passengers from incoming commercial flights to the departure lounge of their charter flights - your aircraft and pilot await your team's arrival along with complimentary premium drinks and gourmet snacks.

  • On time departures and arrivals are coordinated with event schedules. No waiting. Just stress-free travel - so everyone arrives refreshed and ready to go. 

  • Prices competitive to business class fares on commercial carriers are budget-friendly.


  • Simple, quick booking makes flight planning a breeze.

Plus, JetsetPrivate Air's host of luxury Preferred Hotels and Adventure Partners make planning accommodations and memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences effortless. 

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