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Cat Cay, Bahamas

Charter flights to Cat Cay, Bahamas. Cat Cay Airport. Cat Cay Yacht Club. JetsetPrivateAir.com

Idyllically located on miles of pristine, sandy beaches, the Cat Cay Yacht Club is a private island paradise owned by Cat Cay members. 

Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini, Bahamas. Charter flights to North Bimini, South Bimini. Explore Bimini. JetsetPrivateAir.com

Located just 53 miles from Florida's shore, the Bimini Islands are an ideal escape for a day or weekend...savor the secluded beaches and island hospitality...

Florida Everglades, FL

Charter flights to Everglades, FL. Explore the wilderness. Fly for the day. JetsetPrivateAir.com

Explore the wilderness of the Florida Everglades. Experience native wildlife up close, taste the local foods, and go back in time to the early pioneers... 

Key West, FL

Key West, FL. Charter flights to Key West Airport. Explore this historic town. JetsetPrivateAir.com

Experience the artsy, historic, colorful town of Key West - home of Ernest Hemingway. Explore the historic locales, eat local seafood, enjoy a day on the water... 

Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach, FL featured on JetsetPrivateAir.com

Experience the 1920's Mizner-Mediterranean architecture, wander the Vias discovering local cafes and shops at every turn, enjoy world-class shopping, restaurants, a day of golf and the beach...

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