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JetsetPrivate Air. The Story.

The Story of JetsetPrivate Air

The Story About A Girl Determined To Change The Way We Fly. Here is her story...

Jacqueline Zimmerman started flying at 19. She is a commercial pilot, a world traveler and is passionate about aviation. 

After graduating from Columbia Business School with an MBA in Finance, Jacqueline worked on Wall Street, where she often dreamt about combining her love for entrepreneurship, travel and flying.

As an investment banker in New York, Jacqueline would travel with friends for day trips to the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and other vacation getaways – in between late nights at the office. The luxury of having a friend’s aircraft to fly on stand by, departing on a moment’s notice was irresistible – leaving the stress of New York behind, if only for a few hours.

Friends asked to join on these luxurious escapes, and in 2012, Jacqueline and her brother Adam, a stockbroker in Chicago, founded JetsetInsider to bring evening dinner escapes by private air to a wider audience. Just eight dinner guests would board a 9-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for an evening of cocktails, gourmet dinner at a local hotspot and return refreshed the same evening – all for less then the round trip cost of a flight on American. 

The evening escapes expanded to include adventures in Bimini, Bahamas, yoga wellness experiences and Island Hopping Adventures – at a price points accessible to young millennials. 

In 2015, JetsetPrivate Air was founded, a charter air broker, to simplify the process of flying private to the Bahamas and the Keys, by offering all-inclusive, competitive pricing, quick mobile booking and international departures in less than two hours.

Travelers can now access more information and more flight options to their destination, with the ability to book the best pricing for their dates of travel.  

JetsetPrivate Air’s journey is just beginning with the goal of bringing private air to wider audience and simplifying private air travel to more destinations…