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The Florida Everglades

The starting point for your exploration of the Florida Everglades is Everglades City,  the heart of the 10,000 islands where "the river of Grass meets the Gulf of Mexico," and often called "The Last Frontier." 

Exploring the Florida Everglades is literally taking a journey back in time...a time where Florida settlers and native Indians shared the swampy wilderness with exotic, colorful birds - ibis, egrets, wood storks - alligators, tarpon, manatees, the Florida panther and a host of other wildlife.

“The People of the Glades” migrated to Southern Florida 11,000 years ago. 

By 1513, the Spanish explorer Ponce de León’s arrived on a quest for gold and the Fountain of Youth. 

The Seminole and Miccosukee Indians first settled in the Everglades in the 1850s during the Seminole Wars, followed by early settlers in the 1880s, who began to "drain the swamp" to make dry land for housing and roads. It was a simple life of hunting, fishing, planting (corn and tomatoes) and "living off the land."

Development continued around 1900 with Henry Flagler's extension of the East Coast Railroad, designed to transport Winter wary Northerners down to Florida to spend the season in the warm weather. The railroad also provided transportation for Florida's new visitors and inhabitants. By the 1920's Florida was in the midst of a land boom and the once grand and pristine Everglades was being encroached upon by new building and roads. 

Realizing that the continued overbuilding would destroy the Everglades, in 1947, President Harry S. Truman declared the remaining Everglades a National Park.

Today, one is able to view life of "the Glades" through beautifully preserved artifacts, local homesteads frozen in time, the local foods - prepared with local seafood and ingredients - and the wilderness of the Everglades itself with its swampy mangroves and rare wildlife.


  • The serene untouched beauty of the vast open grassy waterways
  • Experiencing rare birds, alligators and local wildlife up close 
  • Tasting the local specialities at a rustic over the water seafood spot
  • Going back in time to the time of the settlers and experiencing old Florida 


  • You can drive, but the flight allows you to experience more in a short time
  • The town is small and restaurants and service provided have limited days/hours in the off-season
  • If you decide to spend the night, expect rustic accommodations
  • JetsetPrivate Air offers a private air day trip to the Everglades that includes all the "must dos" - a dose of history exploring the Florida settlers, a naturalist airboat exploration, local seafood lunch at the best place in town, and trip to a perfectly perserved Florida homestead for cocktails and snacks. For more information    GO NOW >> 

Getting There - The Florida Everglades


​​Getting to the Everglades by charter flight is quick and easy. The Everglades  is only a 25 minute flight from Miami Executive Airport (KTMB). Once in the Everglades, take a quick 10 minute taxi to the center of town. 

We offer Standard Charter Flights on your schedule. To purchase your charter flight, simply Schedule Your Flight, receive your E-mail Confirmation with your approved itinerary and price, and purchase. It's that easy.

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Miami Executive Airport is located about 35 minutes Southwest of Miami Beach and a quick taxi or Uber ride from Miami International. 


PRICE:  $1,590 one way drop-off or $1,990 for same day return.

Price includes entire aircraft for up to 9 passengers. 


A Day in The Everglades

Courtesy Everglades National Park

Where to go

As you arrive into Everglades Airpark, you will see the "10 Thousand Islands" and be amazed at 1.5 million acre "sea of grass," a slow moving river cutting through the grassy wetlands and home to many rare birds, manatees and wildlife species. 

Grab a taxi or Uber into town, and visit the Everglades Museum, in a historic 1927 Laundry Building, where linens where cleaned for the Rod and Gun Club. There you can go back in time to that of the early Florida settlers, who fished, hunted and built homesteads in "The Last Frontier." 

Have a morning snack of pancakes or waffles at the Island Cafe, "a hidden delight" and a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner. 

Next stop is the Ernest Coe Visitor Center, which provides a wealth of information on activities in the Everglades.

Take a airboat nature tour of the "River of Grass," where about 9 or 10 guests will speed through the Everglades a specially-designed boat, which floats on a thin layer of water. Stop along the way to learn about the rare egrets, herons, and wood storks, see manatees and alligators up close, and fish which thrive in the mangrove habitat. 

Adventurers can paddle through the Everglades with Kayaks on a 2-hour Eco-Guilded Tour or explore the lush mangroves with a Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Eco Tour.

After hours on the water, return to shore to taste the local specialty of stone crabs, a sweet local crab eaten cold. There are many local seafood shacks to indulge - as this is the "Stone Crab Capital of the US" - so choose one of the many, such as Triad Seafood Market & Cafe, and  enjoy a slice of Florida's famous Key Lime Pie for dessert.


Where to Stay

The Ivey House

The Ivey House Bed & Breakfast. Hotel in Everglades City, FL A JetsetPrivate Air recommended hotel.

​​The Ivey House Bed and Breakfast

Center of Town, Everglades City

Charming Hotel | Everglades Eco-Trips

#1 Hotel in Everglades City 

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

107 Camellia St E


TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | $$ -$$$ ​

Everglades City Motel

Everglades City Motel, Everglades City Charter flights

Everglades City Motel

Center of Town, Everglades City

Simple, Rustic, Nice Amenities 

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

309 Collier Avenue


TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | $ - $$ ​

Captain's Table Resort

Captain's Table Resort, Everglade City, FL. Charter flights

Captain's Table Resort

Center of Town, Everglades City

Simple, Rustic, Authentic Everglades 

One of the Best In Town Hotels

102 E. Broadway


TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | $ - $$​

Florida Everglades.  Experiences. Charter flights for the day. JetsetPrivate Air.com

Where to Eat

Triad Seafood Market & Cafe

Triad Seafood & Market, Everglades City, FL, charter flights

​​Triad Seafood Market & Cafe

In Town, Everglades City, FL

Authentic Seafood Spot on the Water

401 School Drive


TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | MENU

$ - $$ ​

Camellia Street Grill

Camellia Street Grill, Everglades City, FL. charter flights

​​Camellia Street Grill

In Town, Everglades City, FL

Artsy, Local Seafood Spot on the Water

202 Camellia Street E


TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | $-$$ ​

Havana Cafe Everglades

Havana Cafe Everglades, Everglades, FL. charter flights

​​Havana Cafe of the Everglades

Chokoloskee, FL

Cuban Food with a Local Twist

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

191 Smallwood Dr


TripAdvisor | Website | MAP

MENU | $ - $$ 

Private Air Day Trips

Everglades Wilderness Adventure

JetsetPrivate Air Everglades Wilderness Adventure. Charter flights for a day in  Everglades.

Travel by private air on a wilderness adventure in the Florida Everglades. Your journey will begin in Everglades City, a rustic town on the edge of the bird-filled mangroves. There we will meet our naturist guide, and board an airboat that will float us across the vast expanse of the Everglades…  

Getting Around

Getting around Everglade City. From Everglade City Airport, take a 10 minute taxi or Uber into town. 

Discount Transportation | Everglade City, FL | 239.227.2941 | Website


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​JetsetPrivate Air Experiences are perfect for exploring the Everglades your way. Travel to the Everglades with our private air day trip that includes all the "must dos" - a dose of history exploring the Florida settlers, a naturalist airboat exploration, local seafood lunch the best place in town, and trip to a perfectly perceived Florida homestead for cocktails and snacks or customize the trip for you or your group. The trip can accommodate up to 8 passengers, so invite your family and friends for a one-in-a-lifetime experience. GO NOW >> 

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